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Name: Mary Gromada
I moved here from the Phoenix AZ area last year, and I would like to attend a Church Service sometime. My children attended a school in which we were members of in Libertyville,IL

Name: Noel e. Gutierrez
I did research on martin luther and found out he was influenced by mysticsxlike st. John of the cross. Luther was a rosicrucian! I kike that very much.

Name: Angela Linder
Interested in coming for a visit soon. Looking to grow with God.

Name: Jan Clark.
Is your congratulation very young? I am wondering why you only have church every other Sunday.
We currently members of a very large church and I would like to know there is a Wells church for us to attend. Our Savior's blessings to you all.

Name: Kevin Lee Broehm
Very well design website by the congregational members at Abiding Word. God richly bless you all at Abiding Word as well as your pastor and his wife and family. Continue to grow in God's great love through Jesus, and by all means don't ever give up, but encourage and strengthen each other and build up one another, as I encourage you with my Christian love for you, here on this side of eternity as well as when we will someday doing with our Lord in heaven. God blest all at Abiding Word in Dothan, Alabama

Name: Theresa Thonen
Was very pleased to meet you, pastor. Thank you for visiting and listening. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

Name: Lee Phillips
Nice meeting you at the Dothan Christmas Celebration. Thank you for your gifts.
I go to Hodgesville Baptist Church but we are all believers in Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST! I'm praying that God will provide you with a new ChurcH.

Name: Noel E. Gutierrez
I am so happy to know that The Lutheran Church is active in South East Alabama.
I think Lutheranism is a good Philosophy to follow. God bless all of you!!!

Name: Noel E. Gutierrez
I like the Lutheran Church. I wish to participate in your Worship in the near future.

Name: Laura Petersen
Please join us for the WELS Labor Day Retreat

Name: Dan Kaesmeyer
Congratulations to both of you! We are excited about the news and look forward to seeing you again.
Happy Thanksgiving

Name: Shirley & Bob Maurice
Hello Caleb & Kristen, You're in our thoughts and prayers. We'll definitely keep up with all that is happening with you and at Abiding Word. Your website is beautiful..very professional and inviting. Both of you are such fine messengers and witnesses for Christ! I know He is watching over you and blessing your efforts. God bless and keep you both. Warm regards, Bob & Shirley

"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you." ~ John 15:7